Too many words means the well runs dry

There are many things happening here at the moment. 

I have a new job to look forward to in the next couple of months where hopefully my skills will be useful.

Small person’s cough and cold are entering their fourth week with no end in sight. If only they could allow themselves to rest.

This weekend will see us celebrate small person’s birthday, their second with me. The first time they have celebrated a second birthday in a safe home. The shame reactions are already beginning, the atmosphere of self criticism is high. Most of that is projected so I am feeling great.

The journey to direct therapeutic work for small person continues without progress. 

I could write a whole post about any of these. But I can’t. The well of words is running dry this week. Words for this blog, words for my creative writing, words for letters of concern to senior managers, they will not come. 

So I’m going to cut myself some slack. Read, watch a lot of telly and breathe. Ensure that the therapeutic well does not run dry. The words will return soon I hope. 


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